The battle raged around them, but all Anastasia could think and focus on was the gun and the cold eyes that stared down at her. “Kyen, what are you doing?” she asked gently. Something briefly flickered in his eyes, like he was fighting something inside him. She slowly began climbing back on her feet. “Was this all a trap?” She stood up. “Why didn’t you guys just kill me?”

The gun lowered. “I don’t…This isn’t-” but Kyen did not finish. Whatever he was struggling against won and he aimed and pulled the trigger.


No bullets.

To protect herself, she hit him hard over the head with her gun, knocking him out. What he had started to say had her baffled and curious. She picked him up underneath the armpits and dragged him towards the house where Anne, David, and Alexei lived, intending to take him down to the underground shelter. She fell to the ground as a bullet whizzed by her ear. One of the large holes in the fence was in her line of sight. So much for protecting us, she thought as she continued. Then something clicked. Alexei had told her that the fence was built around it after those failed genetic experiments – the dinosaurs, Sasquatch, etc. – had been dumped there. It was for protection. Now with the large holes in the fence, the creatures could easily enter and pick their meal as everyone was preoccupied with the battle. And she had heard how lethal the creatures were.

Anastasia quickly glanced at all the big holes she could see, but did not see any signs of them. Yet. She looked closely at one hole, her hear racing. Had she just caught a glimpse of two eyes peering straight at her, outside of Zion’s boundaries? But there was nothing there now. My mind is just playing tricks, she told herself over and over.

But she was not quite sure that was true, though.


Charles paced back and forth, very frustrated. It should have worked! They had done multiple tests and trials on Kyen – without Noland’s or Nora’s knowledge – and it had worked perfectly! But this time, Kyen had resisted. And because of that, Anastasia had knocked him out and now they could not regain the connection at all. How do I get rid of them now? Then it struck him. Of course! “Those cyborg creatures that Johan Hakkonson and Einstein had created and let loose in the restricted area!”

Petrus turned in his seat to look at Charles. “The tanks will eliminate them,” he stated.

Charles stroked his chin as he thought about it. “Possibly. But, just in case that doesn’t quite work out, then we need the creatures to pick them off,” he thought out loud. He looked at Petrus. “They are in sleep mode, correct?”

Petrus looked briefly at the computer screen. “Most of them,” he answered. “Some, though, are being used to watch the attack, like you ordered.”

“Right. Wake the others up out of sleep mode and, using the mind-control device, cause them to go to Zion and be ready to kill.”


Alexei breathed a sigh of relief. The battle was over. He looked around at all the damage. He did a head count. “Where are David and Anastasia?” Alexei asked nobody in particular.

“I’m right here,” David announced as he came over to Alexei. “I saw Anastasia dragging Shadow up to our house, most likely to take him down to the shelter. He looked bad.” Alexei noticed that David was frowning and looking somewhat worried about something. Probably worried about Shadow, Alexei figured.

Then there was a rumbling sound. Loud. It sounded really close. “What’s that?” Alexei asked out loud.

“Alexei and David?” Einstein’s voice came over their wrist comms.

“Yes, Einstein?” David answered.

“I have detected precisely five large tanks that are coming towards you from all directions. They are two miles out. Our equipment did not detect them before now. They must have a cloaking device or a scrambler that covered their tracks. They are heading your way!”

Alexei and David looked at each other. Alexei knew what David was thinking of doing. “Let’s do it,” he agreed.


Einstein was doing a thermal scan of above ground. He picked up the heat signatures of the Zionists above ground. YEHOVAH told him that the creatures were coming. He expanded the range of his thermal scan to ten miles outside the perimeter of Zion and he detected the heat signatures of the failed experiments. And they were heading in the direction of Zion. He was about to notify David, Alexei, the Stingrays and the Chameleons when two of the heat signatures caught his eyes. Two misshapen and massive creatures, which he had never detected before.

He found the co-ordinates of their location and turned on the security camera that they had set up at that location. Einstein only caught a fleeting glimpse of the creatures, but it was enough to make his blood run cold and a heavy feeling of guilt to creep in. “No, no, no, no, no!!!!” he muttered to himself. “Those experiments were meant to have been destroyed!!”


Fergus crouched on the ground. Doc was next to him. Both were holding guns, grenades and laser cutters. They were on the edge of Zion. The rumbling was so loud now that they would not have been able to hear each other if they had tried to talk. There were four other groups of two around Zion’s perimeter, one group was two of the Chameleons. The other Chameleons had been ordered underground.

Fergus checked his watch. It was time. He and Doc stood up and ran forward. After running for several minutes, they finally caught sight of their tank. Pulling out the pins, they threw the grenades towards the tank – one to the enter/exit hatch and the other directly in the path of the tank. Fergus and Doc dove behind some bushes and covered their ears.


The grenades exploded. Alexei and Zipporah ran out of cover. The tank had halted, and was now slightly off track. The hatch was still partly attacked and had twisted. They pulled it open and dropped inside. They quickly shot the people inside with a tranquilizer gun. Then Alexei smashed the controls. Then they went outside and, with the laser cutters, they cut the caterpillar tracks to pieces. Alexei and Zipporah then ran back to Zion and Alexei went inside his house and opened the entrance to the tunnels. He sent Zipporah down, then went out the front and saw the other groups running back to him. He directed them inside and down the tunnel. He counted each person. Zipporah, Jehu, Elijah (one of the Chameleons), David, Josephine, Sarah and another female called Gertrude had gone down. Where’s Doc and Fergus? he wondered.


Doc and Fergus finished cutting the caterpillar tracks. While they had been destroying the tanks controls, it turned out one of the men inside had pretended to be tranquilized. The man had attacked them before they had managed to actually tranquilize him. After completing their task, they began running back.

Suddenly, two creatures jumped out infront of them. One was male, the other female. They were misshapen, grotesque and a horrifying sight – two massive cybernetic reptilians. “Aw, nuts,” Doc muttered.


Einstein had warned them about the creatures that were coming and had told them about two large cybernetic reptilians that were amongst them. Alexei started to head to the forest, worried that Fergus and Doc had encountered them or were dead.

Something came crashing through the forest towards him. He raised his gun, ready to fire. Two figures ran out – Doc and Fergus. They were running hard. Then, the two bipedal cybernetic reptilians burst out, chasing Doc and Fergus. Alexei, Fergus, and Doc all turned around and ran for Alexei’s house. From other parts of the forest, dinosaurs and sasquatch charged out. Some of the creatures were firing electric bolts at the humans. They ducked and dodged as they ran to the house. They pounded up the steps and into the lounge, the two reptilians on their tail. They sprinted down the tunnel, Alexei pulling the lever as they ran past.

But the reptiles ducked inside the tunnel before the shelf closed over the entrance. Alexei looked back over his shoulder and saw the male reptilian’s  right eye was shining bright read and then a laser bolt shot out of it. “DOWN!!!” he yelled and pushed Doc and Fergus to the floor. They rolled away as the laser bolt hit the floor, causing an explosion. They scrambled to their feet and ran, not daring to look back. The three of them heard the breathing and grunts of the creatures as they gained on them. The door to the underground bunker was up ahead. Alexei felt the reptilians hot breath on his neck.

They spun around and, with their guns, fired at the reptilians, which just bounced harmlessly off the creatures body armour. “Come on!! Go!!!” he yelled and he, Fergus and Doc resumed running. They dove through the door. Anastasia and David slammed the door shut, in the reptiles faces. Then they welded it shut. “You guys okay?” Anne enquired, kneeling beside them.

“Yeah,” they replied in unison. Loud thuds resonated throughout the underground shelter.

“They’re trying to break the door down!” exclaimed Anastasia.

“Einstein, is there a teleporter in here?” David asked. Einstein shook his head.

“But, I can create a portal with my laptop,” Einstein offered.

“Good. Do it. We need to go to our secondary base,” David agreed.


The two cybernetic reptilians stopped trying to ran the door down and thought. Einstein had created the blueprints and designs for a whole army of them when he had been working for the Collins and Owens in preparation of their global take over. He and a man called Johan Hakkonson had created some of them. But, they quickly grew too intelligent and became impossible to control, so Noland had ordered them killed.

The female used one of her eyes to scan the door infront of them. It was welded shut and bolted from the inside. They could not open it. But it was nothing that their torpedoes could not handle.


The portal was a shimmering rectangle of light. David quickly began directing the woman and children through first. He was rather concerned about the fact that the creatures were no longer trying to break the door down. Just in case, he hurried everyone along.


The reptilians were covered in body armour, which had multiple gadgets and weapons in it. They pressed a red button on their breastplates and on each of their left shoulders, an armed torpedo emerged. They turned it’s destroying power to maximum, and then waited for it to power up.


All the children, women, men, and the wounded had gone through to the secondary base. Now all that was left was for David and Einstein to go through. “You have to go through before me, David,” Einstein explained, “because I have to take my laptop with me and once the laptop passes through the portal, it will instantly close the portal.”

“Okay,” David conceded. He stepped towards the portal, when the door exploded. David pushed Einstein to the ground, covering him with his body. Some of the debris hit him in the leg, cutting him. He bit back a cry of pain. Something was smashed next to them. David looked and saw that the laptop had been hit and destroyed, shutting down the portal.

Wincing as he stood up, he and Einstein looked at the door and saw two of the most terrifying creatures that they had seen on planet Earth. One of the creatures – David thought it looked like a reptilian – turn around and fire another torpedo up the tunnel, which collided with the tunnels ceiling, causing a cave-in. David and Einstein were now trapped in the shelter with no weapons.

And the two reptilians turned to them with a hungry expression.


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