Charles smiled as he entered the palace. “This is so much better here. So warm compared to Antarctica,” he sighed contentedly. “Would have preferred not to visit that freezing dump, but the visit was necessary, wasn’t it, Petrus?”

“Absolutely,” agreed Petrus.

Bellah ran over to them. “Your Eminence! Your Eminence, I have received word from the military in Africa!” he announced, stopping to catch his breath.

“Wonderful!” Charles commented. “What’s the verdict?” They had to wait for Bellah to catch his breath.

“They’ve arrived at the location. They are prepared to attack Zion. They called in and are on hold, wanting to know whether they should attack now or later,” Bellah announced.

“What time is it over there?” Charles enquired.

“About 9:27 p.m., Your Eminence,” Bellah answered. “Which means that the Zionists will be asleep.”

“Did the military arrive just recently?”

“No,” Bellah shook his head. “They arrived yesterday afternoon, but they did not call in as they were exhausted from the trek and needed a break. They apologise and say that they are rested now.”

Charles considered for a moment. The Zionists being asleep would definitely make it a lot easier to kill them all. “Now,” he ordered.


It was late, but Anastasia could not go to sleep. She walked out onto the front porch to think. After meeting Anne and David, she had been shown around Zion by Anne, David, and Alexei, and had been introduced to everyone. She had quickly bonded with her family. She leaned on the railing, staring up at the stars. She was awestruck by the millions of stars that she could see. “Hi.”

Anastasia whirled around and saw Shadow standing behind her and she had not heard him approaching, and he definitely had not been there before. He was wearing his blue eye contacts. She crossed her arms across her chest, annoyed at the interruption. “Isn’t it past your bedtime?” she asked.

Shadow laughed. “Don’t have a bedtime,” he sneered. “Why are you out here?”

“I do what I like,” she replied. “I’ve worked out who you are,” she stated, changing the subject.

Shadow rolled his yes and leaned against the railing next to her. “You’re never gonna’ let that drop, huh?”

Anastasia shook her head. “No, Kyen,” she replied, emphasising the last word.


General Zahn ended the phone call and stepped out of his tent. They had set up camp close enough to Zion due to the Optical Illusion device that they had turned on to make it look and sound like there was no camp there. Everyone stopped what they were doing and waited for him to speak. “We attack now. Get to your positions!”


“Kyen?” he laughed again, though Anastasia noted that it seemed forced this time. “Slight problem: he has green eyes. I-”

“Am wearing blue eye contacts. Doc told me that you use them to hide your eyes,” Anastasia commented. She saw that he seemed to be struggling to come up with an argument, so she continued. “You have black, wavy hair and a bronze complexion, like Kyen. You knew my birth name, even though I had introduced myself as Anna. You knew that Kyen wasn’t Emperor. So, am I correct?”

He sighed, reached up and took out the eye contacts. He blinked a few times, then looked back at her. He had green eyes. “Yes,” he confirmed.


The soldiers were in position, still using the Optical Illusion device. Zahn spoke to everyone through the implants in their brains that allowed mental communication. Ready.


“Why are you against the League, Kyen?” Anastasia enquired.

“Charles poisoned my parents, killing them,” Kyen replied. “He tried to have me killed as well so that he could have the throne and become Emperor. I escaped. I then decided to fight against the League of Nations, especially Charles. Doc – well, actually, his real name is Andrew – and his sister, Lucy, had managed to escape from their Region at the same time that I escaped We met and quickly bonded and decided to team up to help the rebellions.”


Aim. The archers, who were positioned all around Zion and had explosives throughout the arrows, notched their bows and pulled back on the string, aiming for the fence around Zion.


“Did Andrew or Lucy ever find out who you really are?” Anastasia asked. Kyen shook his head. There were several loud explosions and they were both thrown to the ground. Anastasia stood up and looked to find out what had happened. Other people were coming out to see what had happened. She then saw that there were big holes in the fence that ran all the way around Zion that most definitely had not been there before. She grabbed Kyen and ran back inside the house. “Come on, we have to tell the others,” she said.


Jehu jumped down from the tree and began fighting some of the soldiers, still with his invisibility cloak on. Because they were not able to see him, he managed to kill two before some others began firing widely, hoping to hit whoever was fighting them. Jehu ducked behind a tree, but not before one of the bullets hit him in the leg. Biting back a cry, he looked and saw the soldiers rushing through the holes in the fence into Zion.


Anastasia, Kyen, Andrew, Alexei, and David were grabbing weapons. “Anastasia and Shadow, do you two know how to handle firearms?” Alexei questioned.

“Yes,” they confirmed in unison.

Alexei handed them a light saber each and a gun each. “We’ve got a large stock in reserve,” he told them. Anne then came into the room.

“Anne, I need you to get everyone into the Shelter,” David commanded.

“Copy,” Anne acknowledged and she ran over to a bookshelf. Pulling out some books, she pressed a red button that was behind the books. That would set off alarms in each house. The people would then enter secret underground tunnels that ran from each of the houses to an underground Shelter. “Done,” she told them.

“Good,” David said. “Anne, go to the shelter. Now.” Not having time to argue, she pressed another button, which swung the bookshelf open, revealing a secret staircase leading down. Anne stepped into the staircase, pulling a lever on the wall as she descended, which moved the bookshelf back into it’s original position.


A few minutes later…

“Petrus Romanus, how’s the attack commencing?” Charles asked as he seated himself on the Emperor’s throne.

“Very well. The soldier’s have begun attacking Zion. There is resistance, naturally. But, the tanks are coming and will arrive soon,” Petrus informed Charles, bowing in obeisance. “In an hour and a half, the tanks will arrive.”

“And, what methods are being implemented to mask the tanks approach?” Charles enquired.

“We’re hoping that the Zionists will be distracted by the current situation and won’t notice. To be safe, though, the drivers have turned on the silencing device as well as using the scrambler that will prevent any sensors or alarms going off as they approach, similar to what the military did,” Petrus replied.

Charles nodded. Good, he thought. All his enemies were all together. An easy clean up. But, the clean up needed to go quicker. “Activate it,” he ordered.

“Are you sure, Your Eminence?” Petrus questioned. “It has never been used before. You know how serious the repercussions are if this fails.”

“I know. Autism. Mind becomes like mush. Subjects can turn epileptic. Worst scenario – death. Still gets rid of a problem. Do it,” Charles replied.


“ARE YOU QUESTIONING MY ORDERS!?!” thundered Charles, rising out of his seat in fury. Petrus backed away, bowing to try and appease him.

“No, no. Of course not,” he quickly responded.

“Then quit talking and DO IT!!!”

Petrus bowed a final time and quickly left to obey.


Anastasia shot the League soldier through the heart. She was unsure of where Alexei or the others were. She was trying to prevent the attackers from entering any of the buildings. She saw Kyen to her left, fighting one of the soldiers. The soldier knocked Kyen down to the ground and pulled out his gun. Anastasia aimed her gun and fired, killing the soldier.

She ran over and helped Kyen stand up. “You okay?” she asked.

His fist slammed into her face, knocking her to the ground. She was dazed and confused. Why the heck would he do that? Anastasia’s vision cleared and she saw Kyen standing over her, aiming a gun at her head.

“I would recommend remaining very still,” Kyen ordered.


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