David, Anne, Alexei, Josephine, Sarah, Zipporah, W.J. Einstein, Axel, Ellen, Joe, Veronica, Fergus and Donald were all seated in the Control Core. They had all flown home and sorted out the rescued prisoners. They had helped out Jeremiah at the Clinic with inspecting the ex-prisoners. Quite a few were ill, and were being given natural remedies and prayer and were beginning to show improvement already.

“Okay. So, what is the verdict on the non-ill people?” David asked, one of his hands wrapped around a steaming mug of hot chocolate that Eileen had prepared for each of them once they had arrived back at Zion. The other hand was holding his wife’s hand, who was seated next to him.

“Some are quite healthy – physically, mentally, and emotionally – and are really helping out around Zion and making friends,” Alexei reported. “But, some, unfortunately, are wounded in the latter two categories, so there is some work that is going to be happening in that area to help them.”

“Have those ones do activities and hobbies,” David recommended. “Whatever they want – whether it is writing, sewing, painting, sculpting, etc. I think it could help them, as well as prayer and fasting for them. Donald, may you please go and talk with those people and find out what each of them like to do? Please?”

“Copy,” Donald acknowledged, stood up and departed from the Control Core. Once he had left, David looked at Ellen, Axel, Joe, Josephine, Sarah and Fergus. “You lot said there was something strange about the super soldiers,” David said. “Would you care to elaborate?”

They all looked at each other, not sure how to begin. “Well,” Ellen hesitantly began, “after we shot them, we checked to make sure they were dead, and they were. No heart beat, no breathing, no nothing. But, a little bit later, they all rose up and fought back. You killed them permanently when you shot them with the laser gun.”

“We don’t understand how they came back to life. They are strange,” Fergus said.

Everyone stopped to digest that. “Do,” Josephine suggested, “they have something inside of them or implanted in them that keeps them alive? Or prevent them from being permanently deceased?”

“I did hear once, a rumour that there were super soldiers being created with nanobots inside,” Einstein commented. “But that was years ago and I did not hear any of the details, only the basics.”

“Where did you hear this from?” Alexei enquired.

Einstein shifted uncomfortably at the question. “Before I came to work for your father and mother,” he replied. Then Alexei understood his discomfort at the question. Einstein had worked for the Owens and the Collins until he turned to YEHOVAH and started working for Edward X and Anne. He did not like to talk about his previous jobs very much.

“You mean, the Owens and the Collins told you?” Anne queried.

“No,” Einstein replied. “I was told by someone else when offered a job by another big bloodline.”

“A third major one!?!” Sarah exclaimed.

“They would not tell me their family name. They are not quite as major as the Collins and the Owens, but still major. Actually, they have generally kept out of positions of power, just influenced the ones that are in power. They were helping the Collins invent some of the League’s technology and weapons and the guy who talked to me mentioned something about possibly constructing nanobots to help keep super soldiers alive,” Einstein explained. “He wanted me to come and work for them instead. I refused.”

Another major bloodline that influenced people with power and were really excellent designers by the sounds of it, Alexei thought. Great.


Anastasia watched as the Doc climbed down from one of the trees, carrying three backpacks. Three? I thought there were only two of them, Anastasia noted, frowning. “Excuse me?” Anastasia said, turning to face Shadow. He looked at her and raised an eyebrow, asking Yes? He was not wearing any glasses, and he had blue eyes, but Doc had informed her that he was wearing eye contacts in the day to hide his actual eyes. I wonder if he has a problem with one of his eyes? A defect or something?

“Shadow, how come you carry around three bags, when there is only two of you?” Anastasia questioned.

His face instantly hardened and he looked away. Oops. “There used to be a third member,” Shadow finally answered. His voice was tight. “She was killed a few days ago. We kept her backpack and belongings as Lucy was Doc’s sister and he wanted to have them.”

Anastasia fell silent and looked back at Doc. He had tears welling up in his eyes. I’m an idiot! “I’m sorry, Doc,” she apologised. “I understand how it feels to lose someone.” She thought of her father as she said that. They must have all been really close, she thought. Doc just nodded, wiped away the tears and handed one backpack to Shadow, took one for himself, and handed his sister’s backpack to Anastasia. She opened it. Inside, there was the green jacket, black trousers, black boots, night goggles, a pair of gloves, some daggers, a gun, a laser gun, a small laser cutter and a light saber that had not been charged up. There were two spare changes of clothes, as well as underwear and socks. And there were some packets of food and some bottles of water, spare cartridges, rolls of toilet paper and wipes.

“Go and change,” Shadow ordered, pointing into the bushes behind her. “Then we’ll test you.” He handed her the now-dried belt and knives. But her gun was gone. “It was wet and ruined. We buried it in the ground,” Shadow said before she could ask. “Put the clothes you’re wearing now in the backpack once you’ve changed.”

Anastasia nodded and went into the forest. She quickly changed into the new clothes, laced up her boots tightly, put her other clothes into the backpack as well as her wallet, slung the backpack on, clipped on her belt and headed back to the camp. She stepped out into the campsite and Doc and Shadow looked up suddenly at her. Shadow was holding a radio and the antennae was sticking out. “Oh, sorry. Did I interrupt something?” she apologised.

Shadow, in response, stuffed the radio in his jacket and he and Doc stood up, putting on their backpacks. “I’m afraid we won’t be able to test you out like planned,” Shadow said to Anastasia. “We need to help out some rebels.”

“Where? What’s happening?” Anastasia interrogated eagerly.

Shadow eyed her. “Have you ever heard of the NagarjunaSagar Dam?”

“Yes. It’s in India,” Anastasia replied. “It is a hydro-electric dam and provides water to the Nalgonda, Suryapet, Krishna, Khammam, West Godavari, Guntur, and Prakasam districts, or, I should now say, regions.”

Doc and Shadow raised their eyebrows at that. “Impressive,” Doc praised sarcastically.

“Anyway,” Shadow continued, “the dam has provided water, as you said, Anna, to those regions. In the last few days, the flow of water has just stopped. The regions need the water. They’ve come up with a plan to get the water, but they need our help. That’s who we were talking to before on the radio. We don’t know what the plan is yet, though.”

“Okay, but that’s in India, right? We are in China,” Anastasia pointed out. Doc disappeared into the bush and came back a few minutes later with three teleporters.

“Solar powered. Been charging since the crack of dawn,” Doc said. He distributed them out and they all typed in their destination and hit enter.


Anastasia looked around her. She was seated inside an old underground bunker that had been turned into a rebels headquarters. She was sitting at a table with Shadow to her left and Doc to her right. A man and a woman sat infront of them. They had been shown to this room after arriving.

“So, what’s the plan?” Shadow asked.

“Our first idea was to just blow up the dam,” the female, whom everyone called Madam Razia, began.”But that would just flood the place, not our intention. So, we need to get inside the dam and turn it back on.”

“Two problems,” Anastasia said. “A) that thing has guards patrolling it day and night. B)  the dam’s electricity and operating systems are provided for by the League and they have their own control of it from the Peak. So, if we turn it back on, they’ll just turn it back off again.”

“Those concerns have already been noted and thought about,” the man, Ravi, informed her. “We have observed the pattern of the dam’s guards. When one shift leaves the dam, there is always two minutes when the dam is clear before the next shift arrives. In those two minutes, we plan to turn it back on again. We, unfortunately, don’t know what to do if they turn it off again, which is why we called you people.”

“I know what to do, Madam Razia and Ravi,” Anastasia said. “Plant dormant viruses in the system, and they will only be activated once the League or some other outside group tries to turn them off or do anything else with them. The viruses will then infiltrate that outside system and mess around with it.”

“Won’t the viruses, once activated, mess with our dam systems as well?” Madam Razia argued.

“No, Madam Razia. These viruses are called Defense Viruses. They will only mess around with outside systems that try to do anything with the dam’s systems,” Anastasia corrected.

Madam Razia, Ravi, Shadow and Doc paused to think about this. “I have one of those in my iPhone,” Shadow announced. “I can upload it.”

Anastasia side-glanced at Shadow. Only League people have it, she thought. He definitely used to be a part of the League.

Madam Razia and Ravi studied Shadow, Anastasia and Doc. “Ok. Here’s the deal: Shadow and Anastasia, you two will go into the control room, turn it on and plant these Defence Viruses. Doc will be with some of the others in hiding to keep an eye on things around the dam. Agreed?” They all nodded. “Good. We’ll do it tonight.”


Anastasia checked her watch. Nearly 7:00 p.m., which was the exact time one of the shifts left the bridge, leaving them two minutes to do their business. The guards all filed in three orderly rows and marched off the bridge. As soon as the last soldier marched off, Shadow and Anastasia quickly ran onto the dam from where they had been hiding at one end. They kept low, running to the power house. They had two minutes to get in, turn it on, plant the Defence Viruses and get out. Arriving at the power house, Anastasia opened the door and Shadow and her entered the control room.


Madam Razia had just been informed by Doc that Shadow and Anastasia had entered NagarjunaSagar Dam’s power house. She ended the call and dialed another number. The call was instantly answered. “Yes, Razia?”

“Mr Ville,” Madam Razia answered, speaking Hindu. “They have gone in.”

“Wonderful,” Charles responded, also speaking Hindu. “You know what to do.”


Pi crouched down next to Doc, keeping watch. Pi?

Yes, Madam Razia? Madam Razia and Pi had an implant in their brain, enabling them to mentally communicate.

Do it.

Pi knew what that meant. Gripping his rile, he swung the butt of the rifle, slamming it into Doc’s forehead. Doc fell backwards, unconscious. “Let’s go!” he shouted to the others, running down onto the dam with the others, weapons at the ready. They ran into the power house and into the control room.

Shadow and Anastasia turned and Shadow opened his mouth to speak. He never got to as Pi and someone else aimed their rifles and fired.

Anastasia and Shadow collapsed.


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