Well, apart from the eyes. It’s like he’s my twin. But, I never had a twin, Ivanka thought.

“Ms. Anne Goodwin,” Charles continued, “We have proven that your son is guilty of plotting against the League of Nations. And you are a co-conspirator. As evidence of this, I call Hannah Henderson to the Stand.”

She looks very, VERY ill, Ivanka noted as she watched Hannah shuffle over to the Stand, which was next to the Bench. Hannah sat down, coughing the whole time.


Where have I heard the name Hannah Henderson before? David wondered.


Anne watched Hannah Henderson sit down behind the Stand. Hannah Henderson. I know her. She was – “Hannah Henderson!” Anne shouted without meaning to. Everyone turned to look at her. Except Hannah. Her head was downcast and she would not look up.

“I wondered if you would recognise me, Anne,” Hannah said, finally raising her head to look at the astonished Anne. They looked at each other for a few moments. “Why, Hannah?” Anne asked. “Why have you suddenly turned to this?”

“I have always worked for them,” Hannah replied.

“Order!” Charles commanded, banging the gavel on the Bench.


“Hannah? The maid!?!” David realised. Alexei looked at his stepfather in confusion. Who’s Hannah the maid?

“You were working for them when you became Edward’s and my servant?” Alexei heard Anne ask. He looked back at the screen in time to see Hannah nod. “So you were their mole,” Anne realized out loud.

“Order I say!” Everyone in the Control Core flinched at the noise when Charles loudly banged the gavel.

“What,” they heard Anne inquire, her voice rising, “happened on the night that my late husband died?” Alexei heard Anne’s voice crack on the last four words. He wondered what his biological father was like. He felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Zipporah had done it.

I’m so sorry, her eyes said. He turned back to the screen. Hannah was having a quiet conversation with Charles. Charles nodded and Hannah turned to Anne.

“What do you mean?” Hannah asked.


Ivanka stood up and silently moved through the crowd, heading for the exit. There was one place where she would find the information that she needed. “I mean, what did you do to Anastasia when you took her when we were escaping?” Anne elaborated. “Where’s my daughter?” Ivanka stopped to see what Hannah’s response was. This conversation was becoming interesting.

“I partly raised her-”

“ORDER!!!” Charles screeched.


Anne was shocked. Hannah partly raised my daughter? Oh. That’s why YEHOVAH said I was to tell Anastasia the truth, if Hannah had a hand in raising her!!

“Anne, look around,” she felt the Ruach Ha’Qodesh prompt.

Okay. She began looking around, not quite sure what the Ruach wanted her to see. There was a brown-haired female in the crowd and Anne knew who that was instantly.


“Wait. Anastasia is alive?” Alexei asked no-one in particular. He let out a chuckle. “Huh. My sis is still alive,” he commented. David smiled at him.

Zipporah gave him a hug. “I’m so happy for you,” Zipporah said, and she meant every word of it. Alexei was taken back by Zipporah hugging him, but he gave her a hug back.


Alexei and Zipporah jumped and pulled apart. The cry had come from the Chamber. Was that Mum? Alexei wondered. “Anastasia!” Anne cried out again. “Don’t believe what they’ve told you! These people have lied to you! I’m your-”

WHACK!!! One of the Super Cyborgs standing next to Anne hit her on the mouth with a gun. Anne began coughing up blood. Mum just saw my twin, Alexei realized. “Lock down the Court of Scarlet!!!!” Charles ordered.


Ivanka calmly walked back through the Court to the main exit. She was rather confused. As she had been exiting the Chamber, she had heard Anne shouting out something to her daughter about the League lying to the daughter about something. “I’m your-“ I wonder what she was going to say to this Anastasia before they silenced her? Ivanka wondered. An alarm began blaring. “What’s happening?” she murmured as she stopped walking.


“I had thought I had seen her,” Petrus said. “But, when I looked again, I did not see her, so I thought that I must have been imagining things.”

You imbecile!!! You!!! Charles reminded himself that it was a natural conclusion to make but still! “That’s okay, Petrus,” Charles said, quietly fuming.

“She will be trapped inside the Court of Scarlet once lock down is complete,” Hannah pointed out.

Charles was angry at his niece, but had to focus on the task at hand. He turned to the Light Force and Super Cyborgs. He said it loudly for Anne’s and Zion’s benefits. “Find her! And bring her before me. Use whatever force necessary, but DO IT!!! So that her family can see her die!”

Father, please protect my daughter. Don’t let her die! Anne prayed.


Charles face suddenly filled the screen. “I won’t torture your mother, Alexei, nor will I kill your sister IF you surrender and help us. Your choice. Decide NOW!!!” he threatened.

David looked at Alexei, who looked back at him. They were both unsure of what to do. They both wanted Anne and Anastasia, but also knew that they could not surrender and help the League of Nations. What are we to do, Father? David prayed.

“Don’t surrender,” YEHOVAH said to him.

“No!” Anne yelled. “Don’t help them!”

A Super Cyborg punched her in the face and she and the chair toppled onto the floor. Blood splattered on the floor.

Then the screen went blank.


Movement by one of the windows caught Ivanka’s eye. A concrete slab was lowering down infront of the windows. Another concrete slab was lowering in the doorway that she was heading towards. The place is in lock down, she realized.

Ivanka ran through the door. Bullets came in her direction. She dove to the floor and rolled. A pause came in the firing, so Ivanka swiftly crawled under the slab, which was five feet from the floor. She stood up and ran for the doorway that led to a side exit, instead of to the main exit. The door was five feet from the floor. Four feet.

She dove underneath and sat up. Three feet. My backpack! It had fallen off. Two and a half feet. She saw it, lying close by. She extended her arm out. But her fingers were a few inches away from it. Two feet.

Ivanka leaned in a little further. One and three quarters feet from the floor. One and a half. Ivanka’s fingers grabbed the strap and she jerked back, pulling the backpack out. The slab hit the floor. Ivanka took deep breaths to calm her racing heart. I saw an archeologist do that in a movie once, Ivanka suddenly thought. What was it called? She shrugged and stood up. Opening her backpack, she rummaged around and pulled out her teleporter. She punched in her destination and hit enter.


“Charles! This is an emergency!” Octavius called out to Charles.

“What is it, Octavius?” Charles snapped as he came over.

“The camera’s, like, busted,” Octavius said.


“The camera just suddenly stopped filming. Went blank after the gal was knocked to the floor,” Octavius reported. “At first, I thought that it was just a glitch or a short circuit. But, it just won’t turn back on whatsoever and definitely won’t work.”


BANG!!! Smoke filled the room after part of the camera exploded. “Must be malfunctioning,” Octavius coughed. “I can have it up and running in…two to three days.”

“Abort lock down,” spluttered Charles. The slabs began lifting. He looked at Anne, who was unsuccessfully trying to stop the bleeding. “Take her to a doctor. Can’t do anything for a while and we can’t have her die before then,” Charles ordered K-9.

“Sir!” A super soldier came running into the Chamber. “We can’t find her!”

Charles’ phone rang. Irritated beyond measure, he answered it with a curt, “This better be important!”

“Mr Ville, this is Mindy Parker from Surveillance. I apologise for disturbing you, but we’ve got a situation.”

“What situation?” Charles asked, giving her his full attention as everyone else filed out of the Chamber.

“In New York, some people have blown up the Statue of Liberty. We tried to have it contained, but our signal’s not getting through. It’s like something’s blocking it, like a jamming bubble,” Parker reported. “Hang on…just checking satellite images of the LE’s base there…” Charles heard her gasp. “There’s nothing there at all! Just burning debris. It’s also been blown up! No wonder our signal was not getting through!”

@!#$&^%!!! Charles thought.

“Anyway, there’s more. It appears that in Brazil, Washington D.C. and in the Australian Capitol Territory, there is serious unrest,” Mindy continued.


“In A.C.T., Aussie citizens have stormed the Lodge, Parliament (which was in session) and the Law Enforcers base, killing everyone inside. There is no government in Australia now at all, and the continent is heading into chaos,” Parker elaborated, anxiety in her usually calm voice.

Heck! “How the heck did they get past the Law Enforcers?” Charles asked.

“Well,” Mindy hesitated before continuing. “Apparently, earlier, the Law Enforcers reported how they were attacked by two waves of people – there was a time gap between them – but they turned out to be holograms. So, I assume, that when the actual humans attacked, the Law Enforcers thought it was holograms again, so were easily defeated.”

“And, in Washington D.C.,” Mindy continued, “some severe right-wing Americans used a similar tactic to storm the White House and the LE’s headquarters, also slaughtering every person inside. In Brazil, they just attacked, and are overwhelming the Law Enforcers.”

Oh, the inhumanity, Charles silently moaned. I can’t destroy those places as we desperately need them for the natural resources they provide us with. What do I do?


Ivanka sat down infront of the computer and turned it on. On the screen appeared a list of items in the Library Archives. There was a search bar at the top, so she typed in ‘Zion’. I wonder why Alexei Ivanov looks just like me? Ivanka wondered. Like we are brother and sister? But that can’t be, as I don’t have any siblings. I hope nothing has happened to Anastasia.

One file came up, so she clicked on it and read it. As she read it, she gaped in shock. No, no, no. That CAN’T be right! How can that be? Zion did not start appearing until two years AFTER the date of her parents’ death!!!! So it was a lie? My parents weren’t killed by Zionists? What really happened to my parents? Are they even dead?

She thought of Anastasia, who apparently was in the Chamber as well. Did she know who she was? Or was she lied to, as well? Ivanka quickly typed in ‘Anne Goodwin’.


Next, she typed in ‘Anastasia Ivanov’.


Ivanka typed in ‘Hannah Henderson’. A single file came up. Clicking on it, she heard vehicles screeching to a stop outside. In a hurry, she thought. She quickly scanned the file until she found what she wanted. Car doors slammed shut and there was people’s voices outside, Agitated. And getting louder. Memorising the piece of information, she went to ‘Search History’ and clicked on ‘Today’.

“I’m the Head Librarian and you do not speak so insolently to-”

“Sir, it’s Prince Kyen’s orders,” a deep voice answered. The Light Force, Ivanka thought frantically. She clicked on ‘Delete’.

Do you want to delete these records?

Ivanka clicked on ‘Yes’. It began to delete everything, but kind of slowly. Come on! Hurry!

“Let me just find my keys…” the head librarian muttered. The voice was loud. They were right at the front entrance of see-through glass doors! Ivanka ducked down behind the desk. She could hear the head librarian rummaging in his pockets. Ivanka looked at the computer screen. It had picked up speed. 98% deleted….99% deleted…. “Ah ha! Here they are!” Ivanka heard the sound of keys being inserted into a lock and being turned. 100% deleted. Ivanka quickly turned off the computer as she heard the doors open and footsteps coming straight in her direction. “What’s that noise? Who’s at the computer?” the head librarian asked, and began heading for the computer.

She swiftly typed in her new destination in her teleporter and pressed enter.


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