ZION Chapter Twelve

ZION They rushed Zipporah into the Clinic. Jeremiah, Anne and Eileen, who were nurses as well, scanned her. “Oh no,” Jeremiah said when he saw the results of the scan. “What? What, Jeremiah?” Eileen asked. She was very worried about her daughter. “Her kidneys are failing. One of her arms are broken. I’m going toContinue reading “ZION Chapter Twelve”

ZION Chapter Eleven

JULIA O’HIELDER’S PLACE, THE PEAK   O’Hielder opened the door. Ivanka had never actually met her before, so was slightly taken aback by how stern she looked. Grey hair, piercing blue eyes and stern mouth. Ivanka gulped and said: “O’Hielder?” “Who else could I be? Think!” O’Hielder snapped. She’s quite an austere character, observed Ivanka.Continue reading “ZION Chapter Eleven”