Anne was writing down on a notepad their food stock. She had gone through the ammunition and other weaponry supplies. They did not have to worry about those. It was the food stock she was concerned about. They needed more. She made a mental note to talk with David about Alexei and some others going on a hunting trip. In case the hunting did not produce anything, the back-up plan was to pray and wait on YAHUSHUA to either show them where the food was or otherwise He would provide them with food, just like what happened to the Israelites in the desert. Or with Elijah the prophet.

She scribbled down the rest of the figures and walked out of the storage building, locking the door behind her. She walked through their sanctuary, looking around at everything everyone else was doing. Anne smiled at the children who were running around, playing, or the ones who were doing schoolwork because the parents were making them. It was peaceful. It was rather hard to believe that outside of Zion, it was anything but peaceful. Some of the teenagers would be training for missions. Except for Zipporah, who was a member of the Stingrays. They were allowing her to rest and avoid training exercises due to her injuries until she was able to join in again.

Anne saw Zipporah and her mother, Eileen, sitting on their front porch, knitting. Zipporah and Eileen saw Anne and waved, and she waved back.

She walked up the front porch of the Hall and found Alexei sitting there on one of the chairs, whittling away at a piece of wood. Anne went inside and handed her report to her husband. “Well,” he said after looking at it, “at least we’re not running too low. We’ll survive for two more months before we have to worry about our supplies.”

Anne was relieved. “Great. What was Veronica’s verdict on the animals?” she enquired.

David picked up Veronica’s list of numbers for another look before replying. “One bull, five cows with one pregnant; nine hens, one rooster, nineteen chicks, five rams and thirteen ewes with twenty lambs,” he read out.

“Well, that’s great,” Anne said.

“I have been raising the sheep so we can eat them whenever. I’ve just been hoping they would get bigger,” David said with a chuckle. “But we’ll keep the cows and chickens for milk and eggs.” He looked at her. “We’re going to need water in a few days from the river.”

She nodded and went back out onto the front porch. Alexei was still there, whittling away. She walked over to her son and sat down. Alexei glanced at her in acknowledgement of her presence and continued working on the wood. “Hi,” she said. He merely grunted. “Everything alright?”


“You seem…I dunno’ know…more quieter. Lately,” Anne continued.

Alexei stopped what he was doing and sighed. “I’ve just been thinkin’ over some things, Mama,” he said quietly after some silence. “Things I don’t understand,” he added.

“Like what?” Anne enquired, cocking her head and fixing her eyes on him.

“Like…Why did YAHUSHUA tell us to go on that mission to Region 64 when it was a trap?” Alexei began. “I mean, why? It caused Zipporah to be kidnapped and subsequently beaten. Sure, going there caused the people to rise up, but all those people died.”

Anne was silent as she thought over what her son was asking and noted his carving was getting quicker, showing his anger. Or was it frustration?  She had prayed and sought YEHOVAH’S Face multiple times about the same thing. “You know, Alex,” and she laid a hand on his shoulder, “the destruction of Region 64 was NOT because of you guys going there. The League of Nations chose to destroy them. They made a choice, albeit a wrong one, because of the people rising up. Not because of you guys foiling their scheme. Also some good came out of it. You saved a mother and her son. They probably would have been killed if you guys had not turned up. Maybe YAH wanted them to have a second chance to turn to Him. And, it really doesn’t matter why He said to go, as He knows the bigger picture. We just gotta’ obey.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to remember,” Alexei mumbled.

Anne smiled. “Why don’t you ask? He might just tell you,” she said. Anne noticed a box by her son’s feet with a lot of wooden sculptors inside it. “What’s this?” she asked, pointing at the box by Alexei’s feet.

Alexei looked down. “Hmm? Oh. I’ve just been…experimenting,” he shrugged. “You can look if you want.”

Anne thanked him and picked up the top sculptor. It was of a female. She recognized the face. “Is that Zipporah?” she enquired. Alexei smiled.

“Yes,” he admitted. He put down his carving knife and handed her what he had been creating. He had just finished. It was a heart. Engraved inside was flowers on a vine and in the middle was the carved words: ‘I love you’.

“Who’s it for?” Anne enquired, quite curious. Alexei blushed and pointed at the wooden figure of Zipporah. Anne laughed and grinned. “Wonderful! When are you going to give it to her?” she asked.

Alexei had a twinkle in his eyes as he looked at Zipporah with her mother. “When the Ruach lets me know,” he said. “I trust you can keep this between us?” Anne nodded.

She looked at Zipporah, who was laughing with her mother about something. And she felt sadness as she thought of her lost daughter, wishing Anastasia could be with her. Where is she, Father? Anne silently prayed. Is she alive?

“Yes,” she heard YEHOVAH whisper to her. “She’s alive.”

Anne felt such joy and happiness to hear that her daughter was alive. When is she coming back to us? was her next question.

“When the time is right,” YEHOVAH, the Creator, told her. Suddenly an alarm began to sound.


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