7:00pm, February 8th

THAT NIGHT – Ivanka arrived back at her apartment and threw herself onto her bed. Quickly grabbing hold of her iPhone, she turned it on and pressed the camera icon. Swiftly typing in the password, she selected the photos she had taken of the book of the Chair. She clicked on the photo of the first page and enlarged it. The first few pages described how thirty years ago, a famous scientist, W.J. Einstein, proposed the theory that mind-control should not be done by strapping the victim to a chair forcefully and using a machine as that causes fear, and he points out that the intended victim needs to be calm and peaceful for maximum results. Einstein proposed a much more gentler process – through light. Fiber-optic blue light, to be exact.

W.J. Einstein, at the G25 Summit at Buckingham Palace, proposed this theory, stating that a light-sensitive protein called channelrhodopsin – which was found in green algae – could be extracted from the algae and injected into a person’s memory cells if you wanted to manipulate memories, and/or the brain cells, if you wanted control of the whole brain. The channelrhodopsin would then be activated by fiber-optic blue light shone on the person’s head. According to Einstein, they could then have complete control over the person’s mind. He was using a previous idea scientist’s had been using to cure depression in mice and people, but just slightly adapting it. The book also said that it took six years of proposing before the governments agreed to finance this experiment, and then Einstein spent another four years testing and creating before it worked. Then, Ivanka noted, Einstein started working for the Kingdom of Eden and disappeared from public view completely and stopped working on the mind-control experiment and halted any further testing. Other scientists ended up taking over and did further adaptions to it, and finally completed the experiment; but they warned that teenagers and adults did not respond too much, and if they did, they died soon afterwards. They strongly recommended using it on people who were aged from five to twelve because even babies and toddlers died instantly from the injection, or were disabled for the rest of their lives. The other scientists noted that children feared the injection and had to be strapped to a chair before they could do the injection, dubbing the big, comfy chair the Chair, for lack of imagination.

So, I’ve been mind-controlled? Ivanka realised and grabbed her diary.


He zoomed one of the cameras in on the screen of Ivanka’s iPhone and saw what she was reading. It was a book about the Chair – so the clerk at the Library Archives was telling the truth. This is so not good, he thought. Picking up a square projector, he pressed a button and a holographic image of Emperor Noland appeared. “Your Eminence, I have urgent news.”


February 10th, 2055

Kyen stood by his father’s throne. Emperor Noland had summoned the Empress, Kyen, the Court of Scarlet and the Shamrock Council to the Throne Room for an urgent meeting. Kyen watched silently as everyone became assembled. He glanced over at his mother, Empress Nora, who was poised and expression-less as usual. He glanced at his father, who was brewing over whatever troublesome news he had received. Noland had not told anyone else, not even Kyen. He wondered what was so urgent and why he was not being told.

Once everyone was seated, Emperor Noland cleared his throat and spoke in the booming voice that many people thought was too loud for such a short person. “Ladies and gentlemen, I have just received some disturbing news from the Surveillance Room.” Julia O’Hielder relaxed slightly at the meeting not being about Ivanka. “Some other regions have actually begun rebelling. In Region 12, some of the people suddenly viciously attacked a group of Law Enforcers. The LE’s have regained some control back. But some of the inhabitants are still putting up a fight. There have been some heavy casualties for those people and only five Enforcers have been killed.” Everyone else murmured amongst themselves, very disturbed. The commotion began rising and the Empress had to bang a gong to obtain everyone’s attention.

“Listen to the Emperor. Let him finish,” Nora ordered, her shrill voice carrying clearly throughout the closed Throne Room.

“Thank you, wife.” The Emperor then turned to the people gathered before them. “Also, in Region 46, some factory workers have bombed the factory that made the League’s military aircraft (and other secret inventions) in what was previously known as Area 51. They have also taken control of the airport. They have also taken over the train station and effectively stopping any and all trains from operating – no-one goes in, no-one leaves. Region 30 is also going the same way, except the Law Enforcers have managed to quell most of the rebellion.”

They cacophony grew louder and louder. Nora had to bang the gong twice before everyone was silent again. “How could this happen?” shouted Sethi.

“It’s simple!” shouted Agnes Lindsay, a member of the Shamrock Council. “It’s Charles’ fault! He tried to quench the rebellion by showing a rebellion!”

Kyen cocked his head, thinking through this statement. Agnes was renowned for carefully choosing her words to the maximum effectiveness. Good persuasive statement, he thought.

“Yeah!” Kyen looked and saw the speaker was Petrus Romanus, who had now stood up as well. “Think about it, Your Eminence: He reported that the rebellion in Region 64 had stopped when they were just sitting back and preparing for another strike. Then, when they rebel, Charles decided to air the strike and the subsequent punishment to squash all rebellious notions. But, of course, it has the opposite effect and rallies the people against us! I think it’s pretty obvious that Charles is working for those Zionists!”

The entire Court of Scarlet and the entire Shamrock Council both started yelling insults and threats to each other. Charles stood up, which silenced everyone. “Look, I made a simple error in judgement, which humans can do from time to time. But I am NOT working for those Zionists anymore than the man on the moon! If you want to start pointing out people’s flaws, why don’t you look at O’Hielder? She’s the one that told Ivanka to research her past, which is causing the destruction of everything we’ve built!”

“That’s not true!” O’Hielder shot back. “We’ve all told lies, but, Charles, you’ve pushed the limit there!” The cacophony rose again. Kyen was annoyed with everyone, so walked into the middle of the room, silencing everybody.

“Shut up!!! Everybody!!! You’re all like a bunch of children squabbling! Now, as much as you two Councils despise each other, you need to work together to save the League. Otherwise we’re all dead! We can’t control the unrest out there because we cannot control the unrest in here!! So, get you’re acts together and work together!” the Emperor’s son said, his voice rising as he spoke. Everyone was now silent, agreeing with him. Kyen’s special gift was having extreme charisma, swaying people to him. He inherited it from his mother’s side. He looked at his parents, who were looking at him, really pleased.

“You are all dismissed,” Noland ordered and everyone departed out of the now-open doors. After everyone departed, Noland spoke. “Well done, son. You have proven yet again how you are worthy to be Emperor,” he praised. Kyen bowed in response.

“Father, what did the agent say?” Kyen enquired.

Noland paused as he considered what to do. He turned to the Empress. “Leave the room, Nora,” Noland ordered.

“Why? I have every right to stay and listen, husband,” Nora protested.

“Right now, you only have the right to leave,” Noland replied tersely. Nora huffed and departed. She closed the doors behind her. Kyen looked at his father expectantly. Noland arrived at a decision. “I will tell you, Kyen. The agent that’s been spying on Ivanka Brown has reported that Ivanka went to the Library Archives at 3:18 am two nights ago. He reported that she photographed pages from a book he could not see. He followed her to the Shamrock Council, where she began training, so then went back to her apartment and read that diary she had bought from the black market dealer in Region 97.”

“What was in it, Father?”

“Ivanka has been using the diary to record her attempts to discover what has happened to her in the past and about her actual parents. The agent reports that she has worked out the Chair had caused her headache and sickness.” Noland paused for effect. “The book she photographed? It was the complete history on the Chair and she has read every bit of it.”

Kyen realised what that implied. “What about when she was eight? Has she discovered anything on that?”

“No, thankfully. Hopefully never will find out,” Noland said. “I want O’Hielder dead. As soon as possible. But don’t kill Ivanka yet. There is still a card to play that might help us. That’s all.”


Nora briskly marched to the garden, the one place where she felt peaceful. She was furious. How dare Noland boot her out! She was Empress of the world, part of the first-born line in the Owens family, and this was how she was treated!!!! Her family had toiled long and hard for this and they had almost beat the Collins to the throne. The Collins only won by a very small margin. How could her husband kick her out like he had never had to fight for the throne and treat her like some miserable low-life that never had a chance?

She settled down by some daffodils. He had forgotten that she could easily kill him. Forgotten that she used to be an assassin to even get this far. And that was a foolish mistake. Noland had united the power-crazy families together in the hope that it would pacify the Owens family. But she had agreed to marry him on the secret plan to kill Noland and become the global leader. But, she could never do it. She had grown affectionate of the man. Right now, though, she felt pure rage.

“I can help you,” a voice said behind her. Nora whirled around and saw Charles E. Ville behind her. He fiddled with a vine next to him. “I understand and pity you. Being the Empress, but being unable to have a say in anything and in fear of your life all the time,” Charles continued.

“How can you help me?” Nora enquired.

Charles smiled. “By killing Noland and giving you the throne.”


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