He watched through a window as his target, Ivanka Brown, went through assassination training. Today’s training exercise involved learning archery – mainly how to fire while riding a motorbike or running. He was rather impressed at Ivanka’s ability to fire arrows rapidly while flipping or rolling over. He chuckled as Ivanka had just fired an arrow at her teacher, Madame Leech, taking Leech by surprise. The arrow pinned the wall just one centimetre above Leech’s head.

He noted that Julia O’Hielder was watching the exercise. They just used normal arrows during practice, but once the trainees were skilled enough to use them, they would be given special arrows to use – one group would be normal, another group would have the arrow heads tipped with explosives (whatever or whomever it hit would explode), another was electric – would electrify whomever or whatever it hit; (could also cause short circuits), and with the last group of arrows, the arrow heads were specifically designed to penetrate metal like the attire that the Light Force and Super Cyborgs wore. Those were designed to look like the Storm troopers in Star Wars.

He walked away from the window and went over to Brown’s locker. He opened it and found her black leather jacket hanging on the door from a coat hanger. Quickly checking all pockets, he did not find her iPhone. He had followed her on her two-day work leave to the black market dealer and saw her buy a diary and an iPhone from him. Curious, he had later interrogated the dealer, but he said he did not know and soon afterwards died from his injuries. He had moved into the apartment across from Ivanka’s and had implanted tiny cameras throughout her apartment. From the video feed, he had see her take the iPhone she had bought from the black market dealer when getting ready to go to the Library Archives. He had then followed her to the Library Archives and had watched her through the front doors. But he had not been able to see what book she had been taking photos of. So, now he was searching through her locker for the iPhone. Picking up her backpack, he searched through it, but could not find it. Placing it back, he searched the rest of the locker, but it was not in it.

The door to archery class opened and his head shot up. Julia O’Hielder stepped into the hallway, answering a text message. She glanced up and frowned at him. She walked over with long strides and gripped his collar with a visor grip. “What do you think you’re doing?” she asked.

He calmly reached to the back of his neck and pulled off a necklace he wore. He dangled it infront of O’Hielder’s face. At the end was a miniture silver dragon – the symbol of the Emperor’s Eyes. O’Hielder paled and let go. “My apologies,” she91UMJBYdaIL._UL1500_


“Where’s Ivanka’s iPhone?” he asked, deciding she could help.

“In my office. During class, all phones are placed in my care and turned off,” O’Hielder informed him.

“Get me hers,” he ordered. She nodded and departed, knowing it was a good idea to do what the Eyes said. Arriving at her office door, she produced the key to her office and unlocked the door. Inside, her fear grew. The Emperor’s Eyes was watching Ivanka Brown, a sign that she might be finding out the truth. Charles’ warning rang clear in her mind:

“If Ivanka Brown finds out anything, or even begins to suspect anything, it would be very unfortunate…for you.

She opened her drawer and took out Ivanka’s iPhone. As O’Hielder went back to the man, she hoped Ivanka was not searching. For her sake. She slapped the iPhone into the man’s open palm. “Anything else?” she asked.

The man’s attention was on the iPhone. “Stay here so you can return it.” He turned on the iPhone. He touched the camera icon, but a lock image with an X through it popped up on the screen, meaning blocked. Then it was replaced by a bar and he realised that Ivanka had incorporated a security feature – the person holding the iPhone had to type in a password before being able to access the phone. He tried elusive, which was Ivanka’s PIP (Personal Identification Password) that allowed her into the Shamrock Council.

It was wrong.

He suspected she was trying to discover the truth, so typed in truth.


He thought carefully. It might be a combination of letters and numbers, or symbols like =+%$. Or, there might not be a password at all. Some people did that. To see if she did that as well, he did not type in a password, but just hit enter. Wrong. But this time the whole iPhone turned off and would not turn back on. He tried to activate it but could not. Why would it do that? Unless…Of course! She had included another safety feature. Type in the wrong password too many times – in this case three times – and the iPhone would shut down completely ranging anywhere from a few minutes to twenty-four hours. Sugar, he silently swore. He handed it back to O’Hielder, gave her a phone number and instructed her to call that number as soon as Ivanka left the Council. He then turned and left, planning to look in Ivanka’s apartment for her diary.


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