Here’s first sequel to Zion.


February 6th, 2055


Callum Sebastian loved zero gravity. He loved being up in space in a satellite and being able to float around. It helped him relax, and think better; and also concentrate more than in gravity. His work partner did not like zero gravity, though, but had to put up with it as Callum became useless and extremely cranky in gravity – artificial or genuine. But what they both loved was being in a satellite that no-one even knew existed. Apart from Charles E. Ville and Emperor Noland, who gave the orders for it to be secretly constructed and launched. The satellite was kept off the records and only the four of them knew it existed for precautionary measures.

“Hey, Sebastian! Get yourself over here!” his work partner, Cathy Farnon, yelled. They had been up there for a month now, on the orders to monitor part of the Southern Hemisphere and watch the air traffic and all travelling by other methods to make sure there was not any unregistered or illegal travelling done. If they found any, they were to keep track of it and report it to Charles, who would then report it to the Emperor. Which was because the Emperor only allowed certain people to contact him directly, and they were not part of them.

He tore himself from the view of the stars and floated through the space station to where Cathy was at the controls. She had been monitoring the travel as well as a secret thing. It was Cathy’s shift. “What is it? You know my shift isn’t for two more hours,” Callum said as he came over next to her.

She threw him a frustrated glance. “I’ve been monitoring Ellen and Joe Plummers’ and Axel Diesel’s signals and I’ve noticed that they’ve been in the same location since December 23rd last year, in 2054.” Here she paused and looked at Callum with a raised eyebrow, urging him to quickly think.

“Does that mean they’ve found shelter somewhere?” he asked after four seconds.

“Some place to live, yes.”

“Okay. What’s the big deal?”

“Remember when last year in…June, the Emperor ordered everyone in all regions to be injected with a tracker to track anyone who escapes in the hope of discovering Zion?” Callum nodded. “Because all the people who had escaped had left their tracking devices in their houses, so the League’s scientest created a tiny tracker that could be injected into a person under the guise of one of the mandatory vaccines, so we could track ’em,” she continued.


“Ellen, Joe and Axel have been in the same spot since December 23rd, 2054. I think they are in Zion,” Cathy said.

He sighed. He hated it when she would not say everything straight up. “And how does that mean it’s Zion?”

“It’s where they’re staying. They are staying at that restricted area. You know, where the League dumped those failed DNA mixing experiments – the dinosaurs and Sasquatch,” Cathy explained.

Callum frowned. “Wait a minute. Those were really, REALLY dangerous creatures! How could they possibly survive over a month amongst those creatures?” he said.

“Exactly. They must have found shelter, but there is no shelter there. And the League’s been searching for Zion for years and they’ve remained hidden. What if they’ve been living there? I mean, we thought no-one could survive there, but Diesel and the Plummers’ have proven its possible. That would explain how they’ve survived a month in that area.”

“Ok, it’s a theory. But you need more than just a theory before you tell his Honour Mr Ville. You know what he’s like,” Callum said.

Cathy sighed. “Yeah.” Callum shrugged and began to float away. He had to admit that Cathy’s theory was certainly shocking. But also plausible. But how to find out for sure?


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