ZION Chapter Fourteen


Law Enforcers stood on parts of the streets, at corners, on the roofs of buildings and in and on their lead-lined army tanks and Salamanders. They all carried guns and other weapons and on the turret of one tank – which was on patrol – someone was ready with a machine gun – all this just in case anyone tried anything.

After the failed attempt to catch the Geheimnis, people had started doing uncoordinated, random attacks to try and be free from the League of Nations. They had caught the remaining Law Enforcers by surprise and nearly gained freedom, but the Law Enforcers fought back, gained control again and smothered all attempts. No-one was reported, seen or heard to have done or said anything that could be classed as rebellion. The people who had done the random attacks were either killed or arrested and going to face a trial in the Court of Scarlet.

A couple of Law Enforcers, Niko and Apollo, were standing guard infront of a clothes store. “There’s been no action, Apollo,” Niko moaned. If there was no action for more than two hours, he would become bored and restless. And it had been ages since the last lot of action in Region 64.

“I know, Niko,” Apollo answered tersely, like he had to all the other complaints he had had to bear with every few minutes.

“Why can’t we have some action?”

“Gee, I don’t know, Niko.”

“I want to do something!” Niko whined.

“Would you please shut your mouth!? I’m trying to concentrate. And, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s a good thing there is no more uprising, because that means that everyone is towing the line again and we get PEACE!!!” Apollo said angrily, trying to give a hint. “Now, be quiet.” Niko watched as Apollo refocused on something. Niko looked around at where Apollo was facing. It couldn’t be the stop sign Apollo was focusing on, could it?

What could be so interesting about that? He wondered. “Um…Apollo?” Apollo gave him a glare. His patience was running terribly thin. “What are you concentrating on?”

Apollo narrowed his eyes as he considered whether or not to respond to Niko’s chatter this time. He decided to as a final attempt to get him to stop talking. “Trying to work out what to do to you if you don’t be quiet!” Niko gulped and stopped talking.


A group of ten people, (the group was called Aleph), crept onto the roof of a clothes store. A man, the leader, motioned everyone over and they all huddled close together to talk very quietly. The leader, Stan Novack, began to talk. “Now, you all know the plan and what to do?” Novack asked quietly. They all nodded. “Good.” He looked around at the sky. It was evening. “Alright. You know your positions. Let’s get started, Aleph!” They all nodded and split up into divisions of two. One of the divisions, a man called Percy and his brother Benjamin, silently jumped down the back of the building with just the crunch of a footfall just audible.


Apollo whipped his head around, his laser gun at the ready. What was that noise? He wondered. “Niko, did you hear that?” Apollo whispered to his companion.

Niko shook his head. “Nah,” he whispered back. “What did you hear?”

“The sound of a footfall,” he murmured. Niko became excited. Finally, something interesting! He picked up his light saber and turned it on. Apollo and Niko began to head for the side alley next to the building. They both adjusted their visors in their helmets to night vision as it was becoming quite dark.


Benjamin and Percy had heard them coming and hid. Percy went behind a big dumpster on the left, Benjamin behind another one on the right. They each looked at each other and braced themselves for what they were about to do. There was dark clouds in the distance. Please let the wind and rain be efficient this time, Benjamin silently begged. Please.


Apollo and Niko slowly and silently entered the alley, looking around for the cause of the noise. Apollo actually wished it was nothing, because if it was something exciting, Niko would talk about it for a month. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary, they apprehensively advanced forward, scanning the area for any possible hazards, expecting someone to jump out. They both whirled around at the noise of a can rolling away behind them. Nothing. Just the wind picking up. A trash can lid bounced away in the other direction. A slight breeze began to whip around them. The moon began to rise and a dog howled.

Niko’s pulse began to beat so rapidly, he was afraid it would burst out of his chest. His mind began to play horrible tricks on him of what was going on. Checking his watch for the time, he saw it was 6:30 pm. In a minute, the rain and wind would be upon them according to the schedule. Heavy rain and a strong wind. He gulped. Then he thought he caught a glimpse of movement to his left. “Apoll–!” he never got any further. A quick swipe of the light sabers that Benjamin and Percy had both acquired and Apollo and Niko were dead.

Benjamin and Percy stepped out. The wind was really picking up. A couple drops of rain fell. Without a word, they both slipped on fur-lined, hooded jackets. Benjamin quietly said a quick prayer of thanks for being able to complete the first phase of their mission. And also for the cosy jackets, trousers and footwear they had obtained. “Better put on the glasses,” Percy instructed. They both pulled out a couple pairs of dark-tinted glasses and put them on. The glasses were developed to have night vision, zoom in and out, do scans and also transparent vision. They slipped on the hoods and zipped up the jackets. Percy grabbed Niko’s light saber as an extra defence and Benjamin took possession of the laser gun Apollo had. They went out onto the street where the rest of the Aleph regiment had killed the nearby Law Enforcers and were taking weapons.

Percy and Benjamin signalled the success sign to the others, which was raising the arm and holding up the little finger and the three middle fingers with the thumb folded across the palm. Aleph had taken over a Salamander and were preparing to climb in, when they heard the sound of a tank coming over on patrol. A woman – Melanie – placed two bombs (coloured exactly like the road) on the left and right hand side where the tyres of the tank would pass over. They all scattered and hid. The bomb were designed to go off once a heavy object ran over them. They all braced themselves for the explosion.


In the Surveillance Room there was a constant hum of computers, the sound and low murmur of people being watched on camera. Mindy Parker was on her eight hour shift and was watching Region 64, 20 and 110. She was sitting back down after getting up to buy a chocolate latea. Just as she was taking a sip of her chocolate latea, her computer urgently beeped, meaning something urgent was happening.

Mindy sat up straight. On her screen, in the bottom left corner was showing Region 64 – and the perimeter of the image was flashing red. She enlarged it. She saw people running riot, throwing grenades and blowing things up, igniting fires, attacking Law Enforcers. She then saw a group of men and women taking control of a Salamander and a tank and also blowing up another tank that had just entered the street. People were rebellious again. Even worse than before. Something was different about this time. Something…

Then it clicked. These are planned attacks, Mindy realized. She slammed her fist on a red button which would send a special sound code to someone whom she was going to have deliver a message to the Emperor.


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