ZION Chapter Ten



As they fell, Alexei quietly said goodbye to his loved ones. Mum, Dad, his biological father he had never known. “Have Your Will and Your Way, YEHOVAH,” he prayed. Well, if they were going to die, there was still something to say. “Zip, I-”

They slammed into something hard. But that thing was moving. Huh? Looking up, they found themselves in one of their Rescue Modules. Fergus was piloting it. “Need any help, boss?” Fergus asked as Alexei he unclipped Zipporah and himself.

“Yeah,” Alexei said. “Put Zipporah in Rehab while I take this package off.” Fergus put the Rescue Module into autopilot and then lifted Zipporah up and gently placed her on a hospital bed. Alexei came over. He grabbed an oxygen mask and was just about to fit it on her when she grabbed his hand with a look of fear in her eyes. Alexei smiled reassuringly and began stroking her hair. “Shh. It’s okay, Zipporah. Everything’s okay now. I’m just going to put an oxygen mask on. It’ll help you. Don’t worry,” he spoke soothingly. She relaxed and smiled back. Zipporah did not let go, though.

“Okay. I trust you.” Then she cried out in pain and began breathing rapidly. Alexei swiftly fastened the mask on Zipporah’s face. He had slipped a sweet smelling knock-out drug into the oxygen feed so it would knock her out for a two whole days so they could take her into the Clinic at Zion and check on her and operate safely if need be. Zipporah’s breathing slowed down and she closed her eyes. Her grip on Alexei’s hand lessened. Alexei stood up and began assessing the damage with his keen medical eye he had gained from intensive medical training he had undertaking for his education. “Severe beating, signs of stress, trauma and torture. Father!” Alexei sighed. It was a plea to YAH to show him what to do and for Zipporah’s healing.

“Here,” Fergus showed him a small white cylinder with a red lid and the words ‘100% Natural Herbiotic Cream’ were in a golden colour on a sticker and had a flowery engraving around the outside of the sticker.

“Thanks,” Alexei said and unscrewed the lid. He began spreading a light covering over all her wounds and bruises. The cream was made from natural herbal plants and helped the cells to heal faster and also creates a new healthy skin for the body. It was created by W.J. Einstein who was also a natural therapist and biologist as well as scientist and engineer. “Praise You, YAHUSHUA, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Thank You for saving us,” Alexei thanked. Turning to his employee with a wicked sense of humour, he said, “I thought I gave a strict order to leave.”

Fergus chuckled and shot back: “You’re going to have to bring it up with Abba YAH. Just following HIS instructions.”

Alexei laughed, the stress began to dissipate. “Thanks, anyway.” But, the horrible feeling twisted tightly again in his gut as he looked back at Zipporah. “How did this happen?” Alexei asked. “Why didn’t you go in there when she began to take so long? Why didn’t you help her when you finished your set of explosives?” His voice rose.

“She knew how to set the explosives. Her trainer told us and you’ve seen her in practice. I didn’t think she needed any help,” Fergus replied.

“Well, when you noticed she was taking a long time, why didn’t you go inside and check?”

“I called in and she said that she was alright and that she was just leaving. After that, when she did not come out, I went in and checked and found her gone,” Fergus replied. He sighed and they were silent for a few more seconds. “We were set up,” he said, his voice lowering, voicing what Alexei knew.

Alexei sighed. He knew he had gotten all worked up from everything. And from worry about losing her. It was not easy commanding the Stingrays. Help me to relax and trust You, he quietly prayed. “Okay. From now on, all members of the Stingrays will help each other out, regardless,” and he emphasised that word, “of whether the others know what to do or not so we all know what’s going on,” Alexei said in a peremptory voice.

“Yes sir,” Fergus said quietly.

Z4, this is Rescue Module. We will be docking soon,” Alexei called in through the comms. Turning to Fergus, he nodded for him to go back to the controls and switch it back to manual. Fergus nodded and went. “Zion, this is Rescue Module. Come in, please.”

“Alexei! Oh, thank YAH,” Anne breathed in relief. “How’s Zipporah?” He filled his mother in on what had been happening. “Oh no! That’s terrible!” Anne put her hand to her mouth.

“Yeah. Mum, get Jeremiah ready for when we come home so he can immediately begin,” Alexei suggested.

Anne nodded. “Absolutely. Okay. Good-bye,” and she hung up.




At the Peak, the Mary Anne landed and Benedict, Tom, Ivanka and the Law Enforcer that had captured Zipporah disembarked. Benedict was fuming at Tom and the Law Enforcer, Harrison Solo. “Stupid! Idiots! Morons! Couldn’t even keep an eye on the girl!”

“Now, Benedict, even you said that no-one would try and get her off the plane in mid-flight,” Ivanka teased in a patronising tone. “Also to do with the fact that she could not escape due to her…condition.” She loved to rub it in whenever this happened to Benedict.

He shot her a murderous glance before continuing his rant. “Now, normally if it was one of my other men, I would not be wasting my breath. But you, Solo, a Law Enforcer! I mean…”

As he rambled on, Ivanka whispered to Solo, “Harrison, how does Benedict pick the men he does to work for him?”

“He doesn’t get a choice. They’re assigned to him,” Solo whispered back to Ivanka.

“…I’ve got to report to the Emperor himself that his plans failed because a Law Enforcer and one of MY MEN couldn’t even…” he trailed off when one of the League’s soldiers walked up to them. Two types of soldiers lived at the Peak. They were a much higher status than the Law Enforcers, who lived in the regions. The soldier who had just approached them was part of the type that protected the Peak city, positioned on the outskirts of the Peak. They were called the Light Force, and were super soldiers. The other status, the highest status in the military, were called the Super Cyborgs, who were cyborgs who protected the Emperor and the Empress and their son as well as protecting the Emperor’s palace.

“Ms. Ivanka Brown?” the soldier asked for.

“I am she,” Ivanka stepped forward.

“Ma’am, your presence is requested by Julia O’Hielder,” the soldier said. “Follow me, please.” The soldier turned and left and Ivanka followed behind him. Ivanka wondered what on earth could Julia O’Hielder want with her. Julia O’Hielder was the cold, tough, ruthless leader of the Shamrock Council.

O’Hielder was born in what used to be called Ireland, now known as Continent 5. The Shamrock Council was the court that “criminals” were judged, people were sentenced to life imprisonment, death, or severe slavery for ten to twenty years, if they would live that long.

Julia O’Hielder was the Head Judge of the Shamrock Council. But the Shamrock Council did not really decide anything. Once they had a case, O’Hielder would report it to the Court of Scarlet – which was a secret organisation that the public had no idea existed – and the Court of Scarlet would make the final decision and the Shamrock Council had to obey their decision. The Court of Scarlet used to be called the High Court, but was renamed the Court of Scarlet as every member of the Court of Scarlet was arrayed in scarlet coloured ceremonial robes and wore scarlet coloured wide-brimmed hats. That court answered only to Emperor Noland. Ivanka was led to a limousine and she and the soldier climbed in. The soldier rapped the driver’s shoulder with a baton. “O’Hielder’s,” the soldier said. The driver, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed man, silently nodded and drove away from the airport. The driver was one of the people to appear on trial before the Shamrock Council. He was declared guilty for stealing food to eat (he was from one of the poorer regions – Region 18 – and food was severely rationed there). When he was released, he did not talk again. Mute. By orders of the Court of Scarlet. He was then hired as a limousine driver around the Peak.

A few minutes later, the car pulled up infront of a two-story mansion. It had a beautiful flower garden, elaborate engravings on the walls. A really beautiful house, thought Ivanka as she opened the gate and closed it. The soldier had instructed the driver to wait for Ivanka to return after her visit. Ivanka walked up the front steps and knocked on the front door.


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