ZION Chapter Eight


“We have got visual,” Bob reported to Zion when they came in sight of the plane.

“Copy,” Anne answered.

“Someone needs to do a mid-air transfer and go into the plane and retrieve Zipporah,” David instructed.

“So, who’s going to go?” John wondered.

“I’ll go,” Fergus offered.

“None of you will,” Alexei ordered. “I’m going. The rest of you stay here.” He stood up and left the cockpit and went down into the cargo bay. He punched a code into a keypad and robotic arms suited him up in a special suit for the mid-air transfer, he placed a special pack on his back for later and turned on the communicator on his comms. “Bob, go up to two thousand feet above the plane,” Alexei ordered.

“Copy. Adjusting course,” Bob acknowledged and pulled on a joystick and the plane climbed, gaining altitude. “We’re at two thousand feet above the plane, Alexei,” he reported after a pause.

“Open auxiliary doors,” Alexei ordered.

“Opening.” The auxiliary doors opened infront of Alexei. He could feel and hear air rushing inside the cargo bay. He saw the other plane below him. He turned on the invisibility shield. Father, it’s in Your Hands, Alexei silently prayed. “Commencing mid-air transfer,” he reported to the others as he jumped out, heading for his target – the plane.

“One thousand nine hundred and twenty feet from target,” Veronica said as she watched a holo-image of Alexei on the Ops, which she was holding. “Nineteen hundred feet from target.”

Alexei turned on the scanner in his visor. With it, he was able to find a docking hatch. “Veronica?” he enquired.

“Eighteen hundred and fifty-five feet,” she responded.

He gauged the distance. I might just be able to make it, he figured. “Activating airbreak.” Alexei pressed a button on his comms and two metal wings opened with jets built into them. He then flew under the plane and over to the docking hatch. He took out a small device that W.J. Einstein had created and, placing it on the plane right next to the hatch, turned it on. The device would allow him to open the hatch and close it without the plane’s – called Mary Anne – systems realising that anything had happened.

Opening the hatch, he climbed in and then shut the hatch. The little device he had planted would also make sure his presence was not picked up by any sensors or cameras on board. He turned off the invisibility shield and moved in the direction YEHOVAH prompted.




Captain’s Cabin most likely, he thought as he looked at the door. He began to sneak past, when he heard voices inside. He felt that ELOHIM wanted him to listen.

“You’re supposed to be an excellent sniper! You missed him, Ivanka!” an angry person, a male, thundered.

“Benedict, think logically,” Ivanka retorted. Alexei could tell this Ivanka was struggling to be patient with this Benedict. “The plan was that I shoot the Geheimnis and then the fog is dropped. But the gas person YOU PERSONALLY assigned was so incompetent that he dropped the gas ahead of schedule.”

Benedict growled. “The Geheimnis escaped. People not following simple instructions. Someone GIVE ME GOOD NEWS!!!”

“It is now twenty minutes until three o’clock,” Ivanka responded, checking her watch.

“Excellent,” Benedict gratefully sighed. By the way he said it, Alexei guessed Benedict was smiling.

“Yes. Tea time. Mrs Cook’s tea with cream cakes with icing are very excellent. I think I’ll have some of those for tea. Don’t you think, Benedict?” another man reminisced in a dreamy tone.

“Tom, you’ve forgotten, haven’t you?” Benedict sighed.

“Oh, we’re not having the cream cakes?” Tom asked.

Alexei tried to stifle laughter.

“Tut, tut, Benedict. You really must be applauded. It’s amazing the type of people you gain access to,” Ivanka teased sarcastically. “How they are all the same. Really. It’s mind boggling. How do you do it? How you manage to pick out of all our top qualified people, the complete mindless ones -”

“Ivanka,” Benedict growled threateningly. “Tom, at three o’clock we are going to fake the girl’s death, so the Zionists think she is dead and so they won’t attempt a rescue and we’ll be free to get the information out of her in whatever way we please. Now, can you remember all that?”

“Is this before the tea? Or after?” Tom asked.

Alexei continued on his way before he could hear what came next. So, the question was, where was she being held? “Father, where? Where is she?” Alexei prayed. The plane was designed exactly like Air Force One, the plane that used to carry the American Presidents before it was scrapped for the League of Nations own luxury airliner – the Victory. YAH  instructed him to head down.


This was it. She had to be there. Alexei felt very strongly that this was the end of this search for Zipporah, so she had to be in this compartment. Alexei touched the ‘open door’ option on the touch-screen pad next to the door and prayed a quick prayer.


Zipporah tensed when the door opened with a click! But she kept her eyes closed and pretended she was still asleep. She heard the sound of running feet and could hear and feel someone fiddling with her restraints. Zipporah opened her eyes. She could not believe whom she was seeing. Alexei. As her mouth was duct taped, to catch his attention as he was focused on the restraints, Zipporah let out a small moan. Alexei immediately began to talk to her, comforting her.

“I’ll have you out soon, Zip. Back home to your mother,” Alexei said soothingly. She felt her restraints loosen and then fall off. Alexei then reached up and removed the duct tape from over her mouth. Even though her whole body hurt from the action, she hugged him, burying her head in her shoulder. He’s here. Alexei’s here. I’m safe. I’m going home. She then let out a small sob.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. Zipporah pulled away. “Now, if we don’t leave right now, we’ll soon be in trouble. Can you walk?” He asked.

Zipporah managed to stand. She attempted to walk, but ended up clutching her left leg and middle-section, wincing. Alexei unhitched the special pack he had brought. “Climb on my back,” he said in an authoritative, no-argument tone. She climbed on, wrapping her arms and legs around him. He held the pack in one of his hands. “Ready?” Alexei enquired. When she said she was, they took off for the exit.




Outside, a flock of birds flew by the plane. One of the birds accidentally knocked the little device Alexei planted off the plane and it fell to earth.



By the way, I need to put up a disclaimer. I did not come up with the joke about what would happen at three o’clock. One of my older brothers came up with that when I asked for help in that area.


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