ZION Chapter Seven



“People of planet Earth,” the voice of Emperor Noland said, “this is a message to everyone – including Zion.”

“Guys, are you getting this?” Anne asked over the comms.

“Yes,” they all said in unison.

“I’m activating the holo-screen on your comms,” David said.

Then a holo-image of Emperor Noland appeared before all the Zionists. “If any of you Zionists are listening, and I hope you are, this will teach you to stop your pitiful attempts to destroy us,” Noland continued in his cold tone.

An image appeared before them all of a person tied up, gagged and looking like she had been through hell.

“Zipporah!” gasped Alexei and her mother, Eileen, simultaneously. Eileen was in the Control Core for the mission as Zipporah was in it.

“In two hours, she will die just like her father did – trying to stop us when it only results in casualties for YOU. I sincerely hope that this quenches all senseless attempts to overthrow the League of Nations as nothing can stop us.” And with that, Emperor Noland shut off the video feed.




In Zion, David was desperate. “Ferraday, can you track where that signal came from?” he requested.

“Way ahead of you,” Ferraday quipped. He had been trying to track it since the feed had been airing. He had trapped the signal in a “cage” on his computer and their equipment could still track it’s origins. He groaned. “It’s double-encrypted.”

David turned to Donald. “Don, you are great at hacking. Can you try to decode the signal?”

“Yes, sir.” Ferraday stood up and Donald took his place, trying to decipher the signal – very quickly.




Veronica had retrieved John and they were all making their way to Warehouse 7. Upon arriving, the Stingrays checked for signs of people inside. It was – mercifully – empty. They did find, however, stacks of storage boxes. Just like the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Alexei mentally compared. Everyone climbed onto the roof where they found Fergus there waiting. “Did you see, Commander?” Fergus asked. “They’ve kidnapped Zipporah.” He was feeling especially guilty.

“Yes, I saw that,” Alexei sighed. “I wonder what’s in those boxes?”

“I did a scan before I came up here. It’s full of menorahs, Bibles, prayer shawls, anything to do with Christianity, or Jewish or Messianic. They have been storing it away in the warehouses from the public. Though it has not been used for almost a week,” Fergus stated. He was very intuitive.

“Bob, we are at Warehouse 7,” Alexei said over his comms to Bob.

“Copy. Almost there,” Bob answered. Then he thought of something. “But, Alex, when I’m over the warehouse, I’m going to have to become visible so you guys can board using the ladder. Could the enemy spot us on the radar and fire at us?” Bob asked thoughtfully.

“Then you all might want to try the new device, Stingrays, that I’ve recently planted in your comms,” Zion’s scientist and engineer, W.J. Einstein, said. He had been in the Control Core once the Stingrays had set off for Region 64. “It’s a teleporter. Just select the option ‘Portal’  and type in your destination and you’ll be teleported there instantaneously.”

“Thanks Einstein,” they all said. John took hold of Jason and Fergus took hold of Megan and the Stingrays activated the teleporter. In a few seconds they appeared in Z4, sat down and buckled in. John made sure Megan and Jason were strapped in properly before strapping in himself. Z4 then headed out of Region 64.




“Donald?” David asked after a few tense minutes.

“Ah-ha!” Donald exclaimed. “Zipporah is on a plane heading for the Peak.”

“Thanks. Alexei,” David spoke over the comms. “Zipporah is on a plane heading for the Peak. Sending the co-ordinates now.”




There was a bleep as the co-ordinates arrived in Z4s computer. “Co-ordinates received. We’ll head there now,” Alexei replied.

“Copy,” Bob said and he plotted a course to the aeroplane. Once it was done, he flew off after the plane.




Zipporah was pondering and praying about her situation. “Father, show me a way out of this, please. I’m sorry I didn’t react quickly enough. Show me the way. Amen.” She was also wondering, as it appeared the mission was a trap, why ELOHIM instructed them to do it. All she knew was that she was on a plane going to who knows where and that she was aching all over, tired and hungry, and that whatever happened, YAH and YAHUSHUA would be there for her.


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