ZION Chapter Six

Fergus waited outside the building, waiting for Zipporah to come out. “Zipporah, what’s taking so long? Everything alright? Need help?” he called through the wrists communicators that the Stingrays all had.

Zipporah set the timer on the final explosive before answering. “Everything’s fine. Just set the timer on the final explosive charge. Coming out now.”

“Well, hurry up. You’ve only got five minutes until the place goes up,” Fergus urged.

“Copy,” Zipporah replied. She turned to leave and saw a Law Enforcer standing there. Before she could even grab hold of her gun, the Law Enforcer flew across the room in a blur and collided into her, knocking her down to the floor. She attempted to stand up, but he hit her on the head with the butt of the gun and stood on her arms hard.

The Law Enforcer smiled sweetly and began to look over her gun as if he was admiring it. “My, my, my. Little sweetie, you are very naughty to be playing with explosives, let along guns. They are very dangerous.” And with that, he threw the gun to one side. Then he tutted. “Tut, tut. Stupid. Just like your father.” The man cackled. Rage burned through her veins at the insult to her father. She wanted to stand up, and even attempted to, but could not because of him. “But you’ll die a much more violent death than your father.” Three minutes left.

She choked the words out. “As will you.”

He laughed that terrifying laugh again. “You were so diligent and thoughtful on how to gain access in here. But you failed to think on how you would be getting out.” Her heart sank. She had failed and it was too late.


John ran a couple blocks away from the Institution and dove for cover in an alleyway for protection against the blast. It was going to be soon and the Law Enforcers base still had not blown up first, like planned. What was going wrong?


Back at the square, everyone heard an explosion. Alexei was confused. The Institution had blown up. But the Law Enforcers base was supposed to blow up beforehand. Something was wrong. Suddenly there was the sound of a tin clanking across the ground and then a thick fog enveloped the square. The snipers began firing. Alexei pushed Megan off the platform and onto the ground and lay flat. He found the bottom of the fog was a few centimetres off the ground and that he could see underneath it. Several people fell down, shot dead.

“Jason,” Megan looked at Alexei. “You must find my son, Jason.”

“Soon. What did you mean that this was a trap?” Alexei asked.

Megan looked sorrowful when she heard the question. “Two days ago, some Law Enforcers burst into my home and forced me into an agreement that Jason and I would go along with this scheme to pretend to be executed for a supposed crime to lure you into a trap. Jason was at school when that happened and I was not allowed to tell him we were pretending. I’m sorry. I did not want to have you killed, but I did not have any option in the matter. I do not know anything else. I swear. Please. I have to find my son. He’s all I have left.”

“I’ll try to locate Jason. Follow me, Megan. Stay low and keep quiet,” Alexei whispered back as they crawled along the ground to try and locate Jason.


Fergus was getting annoyed. There was only one minute left before the building blew, and Zipporah had not come out yet. “Zipporah! Come in! Are you there?” There was no response. Only static. “Boss, Zipporah hasn’t come out yet and is not answering her comms. There is only forty-nine seconds left,” Fergus called into Alexei.


Alexei’s pulse quickened. Oh no. Not Zipporah. Not so soon after Aaron. “Well, go in there and find her!” Alexei was whispering, but sounded more angry than he was because he was really worried. “Father,” he quietly prayed. “Please let Zipporah be alright.”


Fergus fired a zip line to a place above one of the windows on the second floor where Zipporah had set her explosives and the zip line pulled him up. Breaking through the window into the room, he tried to find the last known place where Zipporah had been. Twenty-nine seconds. “Zipporah!” he yelled. Twenty-five seconds. Fergus spotted a bent and broken piece of metal on the floor. He took a close look. It was Zipporah’s gun. Fergus then spotted her communicator, broken and smashed, thrown on the floor. Fourteen seconds. He shuddered as he realised that someone had been waiting for her and attacked her. Knowing he had to leave, he turned and ran back the way he had come in, for the window. Eleven seconds. Ten. He leaped through the window. Eight seconds. Seven. Fergus landed on the ground and rolled, hurting his right arm. Five seconds. He took refuge by the side of a building and blocked his ears.


While this was happening, Veronica crept up to a truck. She had fled the square under cover of the fog to try and find transportation. The driver was leaning against it, smoking a cigar. She could tell by the black uniform and motorbike helmet with a dark tinted visor, that the person was a Law Enforcer. She stood up and walked straight over to the Law Enforcer. “Hey,” the Law Enforcer, a man, scolded. “Why aren’t you at the execution? Everyone has to go. It is compulsory by law.” Just then, the Law Enforcers Base blew up. The guy was distracted by it and turned to have a look. Veronica knocked the guy off his feet with her leg and he landed on the ground. He stood up and she threw a kick and then a punch to the abdomen. The man fell and Veronica took the helmet off before punching him in the face several times, which knocked him out cold. She then put on the uniform and helmet.


Alexei and Megan arrived back at the platform. The fog was still quite thick. “Geheimnis,” Julius bellowed loudly on the microphone. “I now have Jason in my hands. I have a gun pointed at his head.”

“Let me go! Let me go!” Jason could be heard yelling as he struggled to free himself.

“Megan Lettuce, if you can hear me, I know you are with the Geheimnis. If you turn him over to me, I will release your son and you two can live in peace. But, if you do not turn the Geheimnis over to me to die, Jason will die in his place. Which one is better to die? The Geheimnis? Or…your own son? Who will you condemn to death? You have two minutes to bring the Geheimnis up on the stage or Jason dies,” Julius finished.

Alexei looked at Megan and Megan looked back at him with fear in her eyes. What would she choose?


“The two minutes are up!” Julius announced. The fog was starting to thin out.

“Wait! Wait, please, Julius!” cried Megan as she staggered up the steps, dragging a beaten up person up the stairs onto the stage behind her.

“Do you have the Geheimnis?” Julius asked. Megan dumped the person in a heap on the platform and turned to Julius and Jason.

“There he is,” she said. Julius released Jason to her and went over to Alexei and turned him over onto his back. He had a bloody face. “Is he still alive?” Julius asked.

“Barely. He fought me. That’s how he got the bloody face,” Megan answered.

“Do you happen to know his identity?” Julius asked as he pulled out a gun and loaded it.


“Anyways,” and Julius pointed the gun at Alexei’s heart. “Adieu.”

Alexei’s leg swung up, knocking the gun out of Julius’s hand. He stood up and punched Julius in the nose. Julius staggered backwards from the blow and fell off the stage. Veronica pulled up and Alexei, Megan and Jason climbed in and Veronica drove off – leaving Julius sprawling in the dust.

“Fergus,” Alexei turned on his comms immediately. “Did you find Zipporah?”

“I’m afraid not,” Fergus sighed. “Only her broken gun and comms.”

Alexei felt like the air had been ripped out of him. Gathering himself together, he gave an order. “We’ll talk about it later. Meet us at Warehouse 7. Dad, I’m going to need that airlift we discussed.”

“Copy.” David looked at Donald. “Call him in.” Donald nodded and ran out to a hut. He walked straight in and found the man reading his Bible.

“Bob,” Donald said. “You’re needed in the air.” Bob stood up. “You’re to go to Warehouse 7 in Region 64 for an air pick up.” Bob nodded and ran over to a hatch in the floor and lifted it up, revealing a secret flight of stairs leading underground. He descended down the stairs, through a tunnel and into the Launch Room. After suiting up in a changing room, he climbed into one of the aircraft. The ground above was actually an auxiliary doors in disguise and they opened after he typed in some key numbers on a keypad on the wall nearby. He climbed in, buckled up, closed the hatch and Bob’s aircraft, Z4, was tilted up. Bob then turned on the cloaking device that would allow him to fly about unseen and unheard and remain invisible to radar and the naked eye. And he launched and flew about in the direction of Region 64.

“I’m heading over there,” Bob reported to Zion and Alexei. But then, a cold and menacing voice spoke – to everyone who was tuned into the television.

“People of planet Earth.”


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