ZION Chapter Five



Ivanka Brown was lifting weights in an exercise centre. She was brown-haired and green-eyed and was a secret agent for the League of Nations.

“Ivanka, please report to Petrus immediately,” a voice reported over an intercom. Ivanka put the weights down and walked down the aisle to Petrus’s office. Ivanka was in the city were all the League of Nations people lived – the Peak, though the inhabitants of the regions dubbed it ‘satan’s abode’. It was the city where only the Law Enforcers, Emperor Noland and his family, League members and secret agents could come and go or live in. She was known, at the Peak, as a merciless murderer. Ivanka lived in Region 12. No-one there knew she was a secret agent. She had quietly teleported herself to the Peak because she had received orders from Petrus, her guardian/trainer/mentor had a mission for her. She viewed him almost as an adoptive father as he had taken her in when she was a baby and looked after her ever since her parents had died.

Arriving at Petrus’s office, she walked straight in. They were really close. “Hi, Petrus,” Ivanka greeted. Petrus was doing something on his laptop when she had arrived. He smiled at her and indicated a seat across from him. Ivanka took it.

“Hello, Ivanka,” he greeted warmly. He shut down the laptop. “How are you enjoying life?”

She shrugged. “Could be better. Nothing exciting. Truth is, I’m bored,” she answered.

“Ever heard of the Geheimnis?” Petrus asked suddenly.

“Sure. The bastard is infamously known for being like the Scarlet Pimpernel,” Ivanka replied.

“Well, we’ve set a trap for him. We’ve kidnapped one of his agents and forced her to write a fake report to the Geheimnis. In Region 64,” Petrus said. “One he won’t escape.”

“Isn’t he a Zionist?” Ivanka asked with vehemence.

Petrus nodded sadly. “Yes. The same organisation that sadly killed your parents. Now, you are going to be part of a plan to capture the Geheimnis and get rid of our number one enemy forever.

Ivanka sat forward eagerly. Anything to extract revenge on her parents death when she was a baby. “What do I need to do?”




Zipporah and Fergus were under disguise in Region 64.  They were positioned, in hiding, near the Law Enforcers base. They were going to go in there in three minutes to blow up the building as one of the distractions they had planned. John would do the same to the Institution (the ‘mentally ill’ or ‘undesirables’ were making a rare appearance in public at the square for the execution) while Alexei and Veronica would rescue Megan and Jason.

“Two minutes and fifty seconds to go,” Zipporah reported. She double-checked that her gun was assembled and ready.

“Remember what to do, Zip?” Fergus asked, just in case. Zipporah nodded. “Now, remember, eight minute detonation time. Just get in there, and get the job done and get out.”

“Yep. Two minutes and forty-two seconds.”


Alexei and Veronica merged with the crowd forced to gather and watch the execution. They could not talk, but they glanced at each other. Both were praying that everything would work out fine. Veronica checked her watch. Two minutes and twenty-eight seconds to go.


“It’s time,” Fergus said after checking his watch. They grabbed their weapons and explosives and ran unseen over to the building. Peeking through a window, Fergus noted the room was empty. Fergus opened the window. He thought it rather odd that it was partly open beforehand as the Law Enforcers were all out and always shut everything up when they all left. They climbed into the room and listened for any noise. Nothing.

“Where are we supposed to go?” Zipporah whispered to Fergus.

“You will plant the explosives here,” he pointed around to an area close to the top floor that was shown on the Ops, which he was carrying. “And I’ll take this area. Copy?”

“Copy.” Zipporah took her explosives and went her way.


Megan and Jason were brought up onto the execution platform. Megan was thinking about the past two days. Two Law Enforcers came to her house and told her that she and Jason were going to be executed. When asked what they did wrong (Jason was at school), the reply was ‘nothing’ and that they were going to fake their execution to trap the Geheimnis and that she could not tell Jason what was really going on as they wanted his performance as genuine as possible to better fool the Geheimnis. She saw the executioner, dubbed ‘De Ville’ by Region 64, make his appearance, his face covered. Megan could only hope that when the Geheimnis came, she would gain the courage to tell him the truth, that it was a trap. Even if she died, she would ask his forgiveness and ask him to save her son, Jason.


Zipporah looked around the room, trying to decide where would be the best place to plant the explosives. Finding a suitable spot, she planted them and set the timer for eight minutes. She would have eight minutes to set two other explosives and get out. Zipporah hurried to the next room to plant the next explosives.


De Ville had a mask over his face, as usual, as he went over to the man hosting the whole thing, Julius Caesar, who was telling the audience the crimes that Megan and Jason had supposedly committed.

“They have spoken out against Emperor Noland and his wonderful establishment, saying they had a plan to kill the Emperor. That is a capital offense, as Emperor Noland only wants what is best for everyone and his establishment has kept peace and health for eighteen years. So, now, they are being punished for their treason,” Julius said loudly over the microphone he held in his hand. In the other he held a sharpened axe. “We will punish these treacherous snakes for their injustice by decapitation.” Julius then turned to De Ville and gave him a sharpened axe. “You may proceed, De Ville.”

De Ville went over to Megan and Jason and grabbed hold of Megan, dragging her over to the stump where he would decapitate her. She was screaming and crying. “Hey,” he whispered, just loud enough for Megan to hear. “It’s me. The Geheimnis.”

Megan gasped and felt like she would throw up. “Oh no,” she whispered back. “It is a trap. They’re going to kill you-” She was cut off by him forcing her on her knees and pushing her head against the stump. De Ville/Alexei saw some snipers hidden in the windows of nearby buildings, all trailed on the square. “They’re going to kill you”. Megan’s words rang like alarm bells in his brain. He broke into a cold sweat. He prayed that Veronica and the others would hurry up soon.


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  1. At this point I won’t comment except to say that the story is progressing very well. But you should really consider publishing on a side like Wattpad because her on WordPress people tend to get bored by anything that runs into series. Trust me, I published two novellas here that each ran into more than 10 parts and while the initial response was good, by the end the readers are the likes had tapered down to single digits. Swore never to publish series on WordPress again.

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      1. Welcome 😊 Do consider it. You could always publish in parts on Wattpad and then announce the publication here on WordPress. That’s what I’m planning to do with the current book I’m writing.

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    1. I did think of doing that. But, my father and I both thought it would be better to go with the flow and follow the story through as I think it would be a bit confusing having each post a chapter from different stories. But, thanks for the tip.


      1. When you said about alternating between stories, I thought you meant post up one chapter from one story, and then on the next post change to another story.


  2. This isn’t to discourage you, please believe me. But I’ve been where you are right now and i hate to see someone get dejected by an abysmal response from readers all because the story isn’t being published on the right platform.

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