ZION Chapter Eight

Z4 "We have got visual," Bob reported to Zion when they came in sight of the plane. "Copy," Anne answered. "Someone needs to do a mid-air transfer and go into the plane and retrieve Zipporah," David instructed. "So, who's going to go?" John wondered. "I'll go," Fergus offered. "None of you will," Alexei ordered. "I'm … Continue reading ZION Chapter Eight

ZION Chapter Seven

Z4, ZION AND CAR   "People of planet Earth," the voice of Emperor Noland said, "this is a message to everyone - including Zion." "Guys, are you getting this?" Anne asked over the comms. "Yes," they all said in unison. "I'm activating the holo-screen on your comms," David said. Then a holo-image of Emperor Noland … Continue reading ZION Chapter Seven